Reverse Engineering Plus

Reverse engineering, also known as teardown, generally refers to a method of dismantling and dissecting. In reverse engineering, finished products are disassembled and the product structure, components, and technical elements are analyzed. This technique allows engineers to analyze, survey, and verify the technology used in the product, which helps further the development of new products.

Clients from a diverse range of industries rely on WTI for reverse engineering services. Our clients include the automotive, medical, dental, healthcare, industrial equipment, and consumer devices industries.

The two main features of WTI’s Reverse Engineering Plus (Teardown) service are as follows.

  1. WTI possesses both analysis and circuit technology, which means our work doesn’t stop at disassembly and analysis. Our knowledge and experience as a design and development company allows us to provide extensive services.

    This allows WTI to analyze various finished products, developed products, in-development products, and prototypes, and infer their functions. Then, we propose a solution based on client needs and specifications. Whether proposing new designs, or proof of principle verification, etc., WTI proposes product design solutions which few design or development companies in Japan can.

  2. Since the beginning, countless major corporations in Japan have trusted WTI with their design and development needs in various technical fields. This experience has led WTI to acquire a wealth of sophisticated technologies and expertise, and the ability to support products other companies can’t.

Because of these technologies and skills, we at WTI have assisted clients who want to:

  1. Hear new ideas for product development, based on products already on the market.
  2. Investigate technical trends in commercial products, and develop high-performance, low-cost products.
  3. Check if any competitors are imitating technologies or infringing patents.
  4. Reconstruct circuit diagrams of products for which they no longer have design information.
  5. Need to improve designs, but the necessary mounted components have been discontinued, and/or the circuit diagrams are no longer available. WTI can recreate your circuit diagrams via reverse engineering, use those to create a design with alternative components, and then create a prototype of the newly-designed printed circuit boards to specification.

In addition to the above, WTI uses its strengths as both a design and development company to offer an extensive range of reverse engineering (teardown) services to suit clients’ various needs. Don’t need our entire range of services? WTI can assist with certain specific parts of any process, too.

Reverse Engineering Plus


Wave Technology Inc. (WTI) proudly offers the following services:

  • Photography of all wiring layers by precision polishing of circuit board; circuit trace, circuit diagram creation, and block diagram creation services
  • Mounted components removal, electrical measurement, data sheet investigation, bill of materials (BOM list) creation
  • Structural investigation (both non-destructive and destructive analysis)
  • Disassembly and analysis of mounted modules
  • New design proposal and proof of principle verification

We would be happy to assist with any other analysis requests you may have.

Discontinued and obsolete parts, end-of-life (EOL) components, out of production parts, locate substitute components on behalf of client, review and evaluate substitute parts, production discontinuation, reverse engineering, reverse analysis; teardown analysis of other companies’ products, prior art search for patents, circuit analysis, and other services


Use these links to jump to samples of WTI’s reverse engineering (tear down) services, below.

External appearance
Numbering of mounted components
Removal of mounted components
Individual layers, after polishing
Partial list of mounted components
Circuit diagram
Analysis images (Misc.)


External appearance




Numbering of mounted components




Removal of mounted components




Individual layers, after polishing

1st layer

2nd layer

3rd layer

4th layer

5th layer

6th layer


Partial list of mounted components

Type Details Subtotal Total
Resistance Chip resistance 353 379
Metal coating 26
Capacitor Aluminum electrolytic capacitor 9 193
Tantalum capacitors 4
Chip ceramic capacitor 180
Coil Core coil 1 8
Chip type coil 8
Photo relay   16 16
Crystal oscillator   1 1
Diode PN diode 32 78
Zener diode 42
Rectifier 4
Transistor Bipolar 22 26
IC Microcomputer 1 27
Other 26
Connector External connection connector 4 4
Total number of parts  732


IC Number Marking Model number etc. Function
101 5030-EJA
Smart High-Side Power Switch
Switching Regulator with
50μA Quiescent Current
103 TJA1042
G7 04
High-speed CAN transceiver
with Standby mode
104 TJA1042
G7 04
High-speed CAN transceiver
with Standby mode
419 Z73
MB91590 series
32-bit microcontroller
FR family FR81S


Number R Type Size Marking Measured value [Ω]
51 Chip resistance 1608 101 100
52 Chip resistance 3216 473 47k
53 Chip resistance 1005 None 1k
54 Chip resistance 1608 0 0
55 Chip resistance 2012 472 4.7k


Number C Type Size Marking Measured value [Ω]
101 Aluminum electrolytic NIPPONCHEMI-CON
470 25V 470μ
102 Aluminum electrolytic NIPPONCHEMI-CON
1500 6.3V 1500μ
103 Chip capacitors 1005 None 48n
104 Chip capacitors 2012 None 1n
105 Chip capacitors 1608 None 98n


Circuit diagram


Analysis images (Misc.)

X-ray analysis

Pattern measurement

Cross-section analysis

Electrical characteristics evaluation


Device disassembly and


External appearance
Numbering of mounted components
Removal of mounted components
Individual layers, after polishing
Partial list of mounted components
Circuit diagram
Analysis images (Misc.)

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