‘LSI Package’ Evaluation / Analysis and Fault Analysis Service

Our ‘LSI Package’ Evaluation / Analysis and Fault Analysis Service is not some simple report that just lists clients’ evaluation analysis results.

Rather, we use our

  • LSI package design technology
  • Simulation technology
  • Evaluation and analysis technology

to offer services which showcase our knowledge and insight as a design and development company. These services include everything from determining the cause of device failure, to proposing optimal structure based on simulations.

"LSI package" evaluation result analysis / fault analysis service

  • WTI proposes the best, optimum analysis methods and analysis steps.
  • WTI reports not only the evaluation and analysis results, but also infers the cause of failure.
  • We propose analysis appropriate for structural optimization and narrowing down failure-generated manufacturing processes.

"LSI package" evaluation result analysis / fault analysis service


What to expect when using our LSI Package Analysis Service


* We propose appropriate analysis methods and analysis steps.

Example:  Step #1: Estimate the location of failure by nondestructive analysis.
               Step #2: Observe location and status of failure via fracture analysis.

Step #1
(Non-destructive analysis)
Interim report * We proceed to the next analysis step after receiving your approval.
Step #2
(Fracture analysis)
Analysis result
report and delivery


LSI evaluation and analysis service

Our LSI evaluation and service are performed to check quality and set up assembly conditions for the LSI package. WTI uses observation, length measurement, non-destructive, fracture, and various methods to check the appearance, dimensions, alloy layer growth state, internal crack presence, etc.

X-ray observation Opening resin


Failure analysis

WTI identifies the probable cause of failure for clients’ defective products. Whether the failure occurred in the market, during manufacturing, at reliability tests, or anywhere else, we understand and confirm the failure location and propose the detailed analysis methods listed below.

In the detailed analysis, various methods such as non-destructive and fracture will be used to clarify the cause and mechanism of the failure.


Supported evaluation and analysis items

WTI supports the following evaluation and analysis items.

  • Time domain reflectance measurement
  • Dimension measurement
  • Heating surface shape measurement
  • Ultrasonic flaw detection
  • Scanning electron microscope observation
  • Energy dispersive X-ray analysis
  • X-ray observation
  • Cross-section observation
  • Pulling test and shear strength measurement
  • Reliability evaluation

We also provide a variety of other evaluation and analysis services for LSI packages that meet various client needs.


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