What business fields are most frequently requesting Reverse Engineering Plus to WTI? : Automotive, Power electronics, Consumer use, Wireless, Semiconductors, etc.

Reverse engineering (teardown) is a method of dismantling and disassembling an existing product and analyzing its structure, components, and technical elements.

This method allows us to analyze, research and confirm the technology used in the product, which can be beneficial for development of new products.

WTI receives many requests for reverse engineering (teardown) on a daily basis. For your reference today, I would like to share with you what business fields we have been asked requests for reverse engineering.

♦ Automotive

We have been asked to analyze various items, including electric steering, ECUs, chargers, car audio systems, and car motors.

♦ Power electronics

Power electronics components like power supplies, DC/DC and other converters, motors are often requested.

♦ Consumer use

Our clients often request it for mobile devices for consumers, products used at home, and wearable products.

In addition, we have received orders for wireless devices, wireless parts, semiconductor products such as MOSFETs and ICs, PCB and components for PC, LCD panel-related products, and many more.


Regardless of the field, the one thing our clients have always requested is the disassembly and analysis of their own products.

You might wonder if there is demand for disassembly and analysis of their own products. In fact, we certainly receive such a request.

When a product has been designed more than 10 years ago, the schematics may not remain in the company. On the other hand, schematics are always required to improve the product and bring it to market, or to redesign it when a part is discontinued (EOL).

So there is a demand to disassemble and analyze their own product in order to recover the schematics of the product and the product itself.

By the way, one of the unique aspects of reverse engineering at WTI is that we can not only disassemble and analyze products, but we can also estimate the functions of each section, verify the principles based on the customer’s requirements, and propose product designs, as well as handle products that are difficult to analyze at other companies.

More than a few of our customers say that WTI is a unique design and development company, which is rare even in Japan.

Inspired by that, we’ve named our service “Reverse Engineering Plus” to point up our remarkable service feature.

Reverse Engineering Plus


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