What’s “Technical regulations conformity certification” of specified radio equipment under the Radio Law in Japan? : Actually, everyone can use a smartphone, thanks to it

I am Takahide Ishikawa, the President of Wave Technology Inc (WTI).

One of the most common requests we receive recently is an agency service for applying for the Technical regulations conformity certification of specified radio equipment.

This allows us to emit radio waves from our equipment without individual radio station license.

Thanks to this system, consumers can use popular devices that emit radio waves (computers, smartphones, cordless phones, wireless routers, microwave ovens, etc.) without having to apply for and obtain a radio station license respectively.

Wireless equipment manufacturers and companies engaged in the export/import of wireless equipment need to apply for the Technical regulations conformity certification by themselves or by using an agency service.

What motivates companies to ask an agency service for that?

  • No experience in applying for it.
  • Shortage of staff to apply for it (including being busy with other work).
  • Cannot deal with a failure to pass a certification test because they do not possess the technology in the radio field.
  • Lack of skills to adjust the radio equipment, yet hoping to pass at the first test.

In the above situations, it seemed they ask an agency service.

Actually, we have received many orders from customers with the above backgrounds.

The types of radio equipment we are most often asked are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID, UWB, specified low-power radio station, ISM band, and so on. The most common applications for the equipment are cameras, wearable devices, robots, measuring instrument, and marine applications.
In addition to above, we can respond to a variety of other inquiries regarding the Technical regulations conformity certification.

Please refer to this page for the actual procedure.
⇒ Proxy Agency Service for Applying for Wireless Equipment Certification

The followings, as your reference, are what required when you apply for the Technical regulations conformity certification.

  1. Data sheets for communication ICs and modules and antenna data sheets
  2. System diagram of wireless equipment
  3. Product samples
  4. Information to run in test mode
  5. ISO 9001 certificate

The distinctive feature of WTI agency service is that we can provide support from the circuit design and adjustment stages to completing the Technical regulations conformity certification.
This is made possible by our many years of experience in high-frequency technology, and by the large number of applications we have dealt with.

Therefore, you can choose to let us handle everything starting from the design stage to completing the Technical regulations conformity certification, or ask us only for proxy application service for it.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 


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