#009 EMI Suppression ~ I’d like to avoid time-consuming PCB wiring design changes as much as possible… ~

Once the cause of the noise is determined, the next step is to take EMI suppression measures.
At this time, you will first consider avoiding a PCB wiring design change if possible. This is because it takes time to redesign and prototype a PCB.

On the other hand, if the solution is only a matter of adding a part or replacing a part with something else, the problem can be solved quickly. For this purpose, you may prepare additional component mounting patterns for EMI parts on a PCB in advance. It would be best if a standard could be satisfied without mounting any parts in this pattern, but even if it couldn’t, you might able to comply with the standard by utilizing this pattern.

If you find that the only way to satisfy the standard is to change the wiring design, you should quickly redesign and make a prototype. PCB design change can be time consuming, so don’t hold back. If you’re going to do it, you need to get on with it right away.


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