#008 EMI Suppression ~ Attempt to accelerate solution in simulation: don’t rush into calculation without knowing what it is! ~

EMI suppression is time consuming and inefficient if you try things you can randomly think of.

So, there is an idea to find out a cause of the problem through simulation and get a clue how to deal with it.
The idea is that you anyway can get some answers by accurately inputting the current circuit into the simulator and making it calculate.

However, it often doesn’t work out in practice. This is because most of the emission is caused by parasitic components of the circuit that the designer is not even aware of, so it is not possible to input unacknowledged constants into the simulator.

Therefore, to investigate the cause in simulation, it is essential to formulate a number of hypotheses for some parasitic components and perform a simulation by using parameters that match these hypotheses.


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