#004 EMI Suppression ~ To identify the noise source; Understand the frequency and use analysis tools ~

Knowing where the concerned noise is coming from, or in other words, what the source of the noise is, is the first step in taking action. The helpful way to locate the noise source is to figure out the frequency of the noise and then use noise analysis tools.

In order to know the state of the noise, you first use “Electromagnetic Field Visualization System” (-> https://www.wti-global.com/contents/emi-02.htm) in an anechoic chamber to capture the noise emission, and then use a spectrum analyzer to determine the frequency.

Next, our “Noise frequency analysis tool” can be used to determine the noise source of that frequency.

If you have the above equipment and the tool, you can proceed the noise source identification in-house. If not, you can accomplish it by outsourcing it to a design/development company without the need for capital investment.

When the noise source is identified and it is, for example, the CPU clock, it is difficult for a circuit designer to modify the semiconductor’s internal noise source, so they must consider other measures. If it is found, for example, that unwanted oscillation is occurring in the circuit, you will take measures to suppress the oscillation.


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