Company Profile

Company Name
Wave Technology Inc.(Abbreviation:WTI)
Hirofumi Nakano, President
Headquarters3-13-21 Kushiro, Kawanishi-shi, Hyogo 666-0024, Japan
Tokyo Branch
Tokyo Branch3F JRT Building Nishi Kokubunji,
2-2-5 Nishi Koigakubo, Kokubunji-shi, Tokyo 185-0013, Japan
50,000,000 JPY
September 1, 1984
Main Clients
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Renesas Electronics Corporation
Development and design of semiconductors and applied products
WTI is active in the development and design of:
・High-frequency and optical semiconductors
・Cases and housings
・Power Electronics
・Analog/Digital Circuits
・Custom measuring systems, semiconductor packages


Technology fields

Technology fields


Company History

Sep. 1984
Jointly founded as a design company by eight corporations, including Miyoshi Electronics Corporation, an affiliate of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Apr. 1986
Started receiving orders from Mitsubishi Electric for designs of high-frequency elements, hybrid ICs for
automobiles, and LSI packages
Apr. 2003
Began business with Renesas Technology (present-day Renesas Electronics), coinciding with its founding
Sep. 2005
Company name changed to Wave Technology Inc.
Mar. 2009
Certified ISO 14001
Apr. 2009
Established Technological Education Center
Oct. 2012
Certified ISO 9001
Feb. 2014
Established Tokyo Design Center in Shinjuku, Tokyo
Mar. 2016
Tokyo Design Center moved to Shinagawa, Tokyo
Oct. 2016
Implemented simplified radio wave anechoic chambers, and began EMI countermeasure services
Mar. 2017
Started providing design and evaluation services for wireless power transfers via magnetic field resonance
July 2017
Introduced waterproof test facility (IPX5, IPX6), and began offering services to validate waterproofing measures.
Jan. 2018
Wireless power transfer technology chosen as “MONODZUKURI” New Selection in KANSAI 2018 by Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry
Mar. 2018
Established Techno Sherpa, a new service brand providing high-precision location detection technology and
other services
Apr. 2018
Tokyo Branch relocated to Nishi Kokubunji, Tokyo

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