Avoid those heat problems with preventive diagnosis!

Hello, everyone. My name is Sesumi with Structural Design Section.

In this article, I will discuss the preventive diagnosis of thermal problems with respect to the thermal design of electronic products.

About Thermal Simulation:

For example, we use thermal simulations to identify thermal problems in electronic products that our customers are developing and propose improvements. In addition, if the customer already has a prototype, we may borrow that prototype to measure and evaluate the temperature.

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The simulation results are fed back to the mechanical design.

Nice to meet you all. This is my second year with this company, and I’m Nakajima in the Structural Design Section.

A year and a few months have passed quickly since I joined WTI. When I look back on it, the year went by so quickly that before I knew it, I was in the position of being a senior.

One of the newcomers has been assigned to the structural design section, and I sometimes remember the appearance of last year when I saw the training.

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Evaluation of reliability of semiconductor package mounting ~ Daisy Chain Sample to Identify Broken Location ~

Hello, everyone. I’m Matsumae for structural engineering section.

I am involved in the development of mounting technology and mounting reliability technology for semiconductor packages. The main target is the BGA type packages.

In this article, I will talk about daisy-chain samples that are used to evaluate the reliability of semiconductor package mounting.

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Thermal stress generated by temperature change is greater than you’d imagine

Hello, everyone. I’m Takemori, manager for a technical department.

We don’t think about it much in our daily lives, but when the temperature of an object changes, it expands and contracts. The magnitude of expansion and contraction depends on the nature of each material (CTE, Coefficient of Thermal Expansion).

In this article, I will talk about the thermal stress caused by this thermal expansion and contraction.

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No more heat margin for the product? How a knowledge of semiconductors is key to making accurate predictions

Hello, everyone. I’m Urase, manager for a technical department.

Today, I would like to talk about thermal analysis (simulation), dealing in my division.

With the reduction in the size of products in recent years has led to more and more serious thermal problems, we receive an increasing number of inquiries about thermal analysis from our customers. There are various types of inquiries, but in this blog, I will briefly explain a thermal resistance of semiconductors, which is essential for thermal analysis.

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