Are your packing materials suitable for transportation? Keys to evaluation of packing materials for semiconductor products

Hello, everyone. I’m Sasatani with the package design section of the Tokyo office.

Packing materials for semiconductor products need to be designed to ensure that the products can be properly protected against vibration, shock and compression pressure during transportation, and to be evaluated by performance test. In this article, we will introduce a technique to evaluate whether the packaging materials are properly designed.

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We offer “Evaluation and Analysis of Semiconductor Package”

Hello, everyone. I’m Goto from the package design section of the Tokyo office.

I am mainly responsible for the evaluation and analysis of semiconductor packages (also known as IC packages and LSI packages).

In this blog, I will explain a comparison between gold and copper wires used in semiconductor packages and related evaluation and analysis.

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Evaluation of reliability of semiconductor package mounting ~ Daisy Chain Sample to Identify Broken Location ~

Hello, everyone. I’m Matsumae for structural engineering section.

I am involved in the development of mounting technology and mounting reliability technology for semiconductor packages. The main target is the BGA type packages.

In this article, I will talk about daisy-chain samples that are used to evaluate the reliability of semiconductor package mounting.

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