Pitfalls of waterproof design

Hi everyone, I’m Uemura, Manager of the WTI Sales Department.

Recently, more and more products are becoming waterproof, especially in mobile devices.
Cell phones (smartphones) are typical waterproof products, and it seems that the majority of new products currently on the market are becoming waterproof.

We have seen a rapid increase in the number of requests for mechanical designs with waterproof feature from our customers. For example, products that are constantly placed outside, those that do not specify where to be used, such as sensors, and products supposed to be in portable use, such as mobile products and small measuring devices.

As such, waterproofing is becoming a basic feature in various products on the market, and the importance of waterproofing design is likely to increase further.

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Importance of Screws in Waterproof Design

Hello, everyone. I’m Isei for structural design section.

Many people tend to pay attention only to packing parts for a case when designing waterproof. Actually, more attention should be paid to the screw part than to the main section which has to be waterproofed. Since the screw parts are placed at multiple locations, it is necessary to give careful consideration to their variations when you do the waterproof design.

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The simulation results are fed back to the mechanical design.

Nice to meet you all. This is my second year with this company, and I’m Nakajima in the Structural Design Section.

A year and a few months have passed quickly since I joined WTI. When I look back on it, the year went by so quickly that before I knew it, I was in the position of being a senior.

One of the newcomers has been assigned to the structural design section, and I sometimes remember the appearance of last year when I saw the training.

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