Waterproof Testing Services

The number of mobile devices and other water-resistant products has been on the rise in recent years.
Mobile phones (smartphones) are a perfect example of this trend: most new models currently on sale are equipped with water-resistant features.
We at WTI see this trend in our own mechanical design projects as well. More and more clients are including water resistance in their design orders, for outdoor products, sensors and other portable products, mobile products, compact measuring instruments, and other such totable products.

Water resistance is thus becoming the norm in various products on the market. And waterproofing designs will likely become even more important as time goes on.

And so, WTI installed IPX5- and IPX6-compatible waterproof testing instruments to provide waterproof testing services.

Are you considering testing your products at a certification body?
Our testing instruments are the same instruments used by certification organizations, which is perfect for clients looking to understand the limits of waterproof performance or preliminary evaluations.


Waterproof testing services offered by WTI

  • IPX5: Water jet testing (testing device: jet nozzle kit P03.58)
  • IPX6: Powerful water jet testing (testing device: jet blast testing device C920-DT)

Acceptable waterproof test
IPX6 waterproof testing equipment


Benefits of using WTI’s waterproof testing services

Tests at a certification body determine whether or not products meet standards (the IP code). But at WTI, our mechanical design engineers conduct the testing, so not only can we test for standard compliance, we can also determine limitations of waterproof performance.

And depending on the test results, WTI can propose drafts of improved designs, or even undertake the redesign process itself, for parts (structures) which are not sufficiently water-resistant.


Recommended for clients who:

  • Are ready to take on waterproof design, but don’t know where to start.
  • Are having issues with waterproof design and want an improved design proposal, or a company that can go ahead with the design process itself.
    -> WTI also has a technical support system for waterproof design.
  • Already made a waterproof design but want a preliminary evaluation before taking it to a certification body for testing.
  • Want to know the performance limit of waterproof effect.


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