Is it difficult to do switching evaluation of “power semiconductors”? (Part 2)

Hello, everyone.
I’m Zhang from Engineering Department 2.

In my previous blog, I explained the importance of measurement arrangement in the switching evaluation of power semiconductors. This time, I will continue to explain other points to be considered about measurement arrangement.

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What is Avalanche Test of Power MOSFETs? (Part 3)

Hello everyone.
I’m Nakamatsu from the Power Device Design Section.

This is a sequel to my last blog that explained the avalanche capability tests for power MOSFETs.

In the previous article, I explained that even if the avalanche energy is the same, the junction temperature Tj of the MOSFETs are different under different test conditions, and thus avalanche capability cannot be simply compared. Now, let’s consider case (3), with L load value L=3 µH and avalanche current IAS=50 A for the same device as in the last blog.

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Pitfalls of waterproof design

Hi everyone, I’m Uemura, Manager of the WTI Sales Department.

Recently, more and more products are becoming waterproof, especially in mobile devices.
Cell phones (smartphones) are typical waterproof products, and it seems that the majority of new products currently on the market are becoming waterproof.

We have seen a rapid increase in the number of requests for mechanical designs with waterproof feature from our customers. For example, products that are constantly placed outside, those that do not specify where to be used, such as sensors, and products supposed to be in portable use, such as mobile products and small measuring devices.

As such, waterproofing is becoming a basic feature in various products on the market, and the importance of waterproofing design is likely to increase further.

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Are your packing materials suitable for transportation? Keys to evaluation of packing materials for semiconductor products

Hello, everyone. I’m Sasatani with the package design section of the Tokyo office.

Packing materials for semiconductor products need to be designed to ensure that the products can be properly protected against vibration, shock and compression pressure during transportation, and to be evaluated by performance test. In this article, we will introduce a technique to evaluate whether the packaging materials are properly designed.

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Importance of Screws in Waterproof Design

Hello, everyone. I’m Isei for structural design section.

Many people tend to pay attention only to packing parts for a case when designing waterproof. Actually, more attention should be paid to the screw part than to the main section which has to be waterproofed. Since the screw parts are placed at multiple locations, it is necessary to give careful consideration to their variations when you do the waterproof design.

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