‘Reverse Engineering’ + ‘Custom Measurement System’ = ‘Plus Services’!

Hello, everyone. I’m Yano, a manager for technical division.

In this article, I would like to show you an example of how we solved a customer’s problem by combining “reverse engineering” and “custom measurement system” as a service of Reverse Engineering Plus.

“Reverse Engineering” and “Custom Measurement System”

Many people think of them as separate and independent services.
Commonly, that’s right!
I think it’s a preconceived idea in the industry that each is specialized and provided as an independent service like,

  • Reverse Engineering: a company specializing in analysis
  • Custom measurements: a company specialized in custom measurement systems

WTI specializes in combining multiple technology genres to solve your potential problems.

As an example from a recent customer, in their process of product development, they wanted to understand a performance of an overseas product.
However, the customer was faced with three problems in the process of development.

Table 1  Clients’ problems

They’d like to see the performance, but without knowing the circuit configuration, they can’t determine the points to examine.

In order to evaluate the performance with sufficient accuracy, it is necessary to establish an evaluation environment including jigs.

Even if the environment is ready, it is easy to guess that it will take a huge amount of time to get the data they want. So they will not be able to complete it while meeting their time schedule without measurements automation.


The client’s main business is design, and they were worried about how to overcome these issues. At that time, they heard about Reverse Engineering Plus of WTI and approached us.

The three issues shown in Table 1 can be solved by combining reverse engineering with the services of a custom measurement system!


Table 2  Key technologies and WTI services to solve problems


Key technology

WTI service


Analysis techniques for deciphering the circuit configuration

Reverse engineering


Technology of organizing jigs and tools into evaluation environments

Design and Production of jigs and tools (Custom measurement system)


Automation technology for efficient evaluation

Custom measurement system and Evaluation contract



“Reverse Engineering Plus”

It’s a service that seems to exist, but you won’t find it anywhere else.
I hope I have successfully conveyed the image of the service.

Recently, due in part to the impact of the spread of the new corona virus infection, many of our clients are shifting their work patterns to telecommuting and other forms of work, and I believe that development is not progressing as quickly as they used to be. We feel that more and more clients are using Reverse Engineering Plus as a means to increase their development efficiency in a limited amount of time.

We believe that the value of WTI is to solve potential problems for our clients by combining our development and design services.
We hope that WTI’s services can help you solve your problems by visiting our website.

Because of the high demand for reverse engineering Plus, WTI has a plan to procure certain products by ourselves and sell reports of analysis and evaluation of them.
I will be happy to share it with you again when the opportunity arises.

WTI’s “Reverse Engineering Plus” will continue to evolve in the future. Keep an eye out for it.


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