Necessary preparations exploiting our agency service to apply for the Technical Regulations Conformity Certification in Japan

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One of the most common inquiries we receive from our clients is an agency service for applying for the Technical Regulations Conformity Certification of specified radio equipment under the Radio Law in Japan.

Aside from the more information about the Technical Regulations Conformity Certification of specified radio equipment, which is detailed at “Proxy Agency Service for Applying for Wireless Equipment Certification” on our website, in this article, we would like to talk about what you need to prepare in order for WTI to be able to support you for those applications.

Data sheets for communication ICs and modules and antenna data sheets

At the time of application, you are required to submit a “construction design” that describes the communication system, model of the radio wave, rated output, etc. Many of first-time applicants often do not know what to write, though.

Please send us the data sheets for the communication ICs and modules and the antenna data sheets, and we will extract the information from the data sheets and complete the “construction design” for you.

System diagram of wireless equipment

You need to obtain a block diagram from the manufacturer of the radio equipment showing the circuit diagram from the clock oscillator to generation of a transmission radio wave, and to antenna.

The names of the main semiconductors, their applications, and the frequency of each stage and power supply voltage must be listed.

Product samples

We ask that you provide one unit for certification testing and at least one unit for internal verification.

Information to run in test mode

The software for the test, or operating instructions for manual operation is needed.

In the certification test, radio waves are continuously transmitted and received using the communication method, type of the radio wave and frequency, and rated power, etc., to be applied for, and the results are judged to be acceptable or inadequate in all combinations.

It is necessary to provide an environment in which the person conducting the test can operate at the time of the test.

ISO 9001 certificate

In the case of the Attestation of the construction design of specified radio equipment, it is necessary to manage that all equipment subject to the application conform to the construction design document. This can be explained by a copy of the client’s ISO 9001 certificate (or the manufacturer’s certificate).


If you have any questions or issues regarding the above preparation materials, please contact us in advance to discuss them with us at the time of your request. It can clear up the issues in advance, so the certification process can proceed more smoothly.

As you can see, we have a support system that can help even first-time applicants feel at ease. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


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