Avoid those heat problems with preventive diagnosis!

Hello, everyone. My name is Sesumi with Structural Design Section.

In this article, I will discuss the preventive diagnosis of thermal problems with respect to the thermal design of electronic products.

About Thermal Simulation:

For example, we use thermal simulations to identify thermal problems in electronic products that our customers are developing and propose improvements. In addition, if the customer already has a prototype, we may borrow that prototype to measure and evaluate the temperature.

In our thermal simulation business, we receive many requests from our customers who are experiencing thermal problems in their development products and want us to solve them. In these cases, since there is already the actual equipment in place, we have been able to propose more specific thermal solutions by evaluating the actual temperature of the equipment to improve the accuracy of the thermal simulation.

Product Performance Requirements and Thermal Problems:

However, this happened in our recent work.
The temperature of one of our customer’s prototype exceeded an upper limit and it was necessary to consider thermal dissipation measures, but it was found that the current configuration did not provide sufficient thermal dissipation effect even when considering countermeasure plans based on thermal simulation.

The customer’s development was already in its final stages and there was no room for a design with thermal dissipation measures in place. In order to take sufficient measures, they had to review the design from the basic design stage, which forced them to go backwards in their design to the point where it was related to the product concept (e.g., increasing the size of the product, limiting its functions, changing the cooling mechanism, etc.).

The reason for this kind of design rework is that thermal dissipation environment of products is becoming more severe and cannot be dealt with solely by intuition based on the experience of the designer as in the past. Every year, the performance requirements of products developed are increasing, and the thermal situation is getting tougher and tougher as products become thinner and smaller and additional circuit functions (e.g., communication functions) result in more heat sources. In more severe thermal design situations, it is important to be aware of thermal issues early in the design process.

In the early stages of design, it is important to be able to predict in advance how much the temperature will rise with the current design, even if it is only a rough prediction.

Therefore, we have decided to provide a service to determine the presence or absence of thermal problems and the difficulty of the thermal design in the early stages of the design process (preventive diagnosis of thermal problems).

Details of Preventive Diagnosis of Thermal Problems:

The timing of the preventive diagnostics is early in the design process, so I don’t think most of the items in the product specifications have been determined. Here, we calculate the temperature rise of the case by receiving the case dimensions and power consumption from the customer. Based on the results of these calculations and the ambient and target temperatures, we will provide advice on whether the concept is feasible or not and how to make it feasible.

With a preventive diagnosis, customers can establish thermal design guidelines for the products they develop from now on. This will avoid the worst case of rework in which the temperature doesn’t quite meet the allowable value when the prototype is built, and has to be redesigned it.



Lastly, if you have any problems with temperature, please feel free to contact us.


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