Reverse Engineering Plus: Our most-asked-for service online!

Hi everyone, I’m Uemura, Manager of the WTI Sales Department.

Although we still have a large number of inquiries about discontinued parts (EOL), which we have been introducing in this blog for some time now, reverse engineering has recently seen a sharp increase in the number of inquiries from the web.

The number of inquiries from the web has nearly tripled in FY18 and FY19 compared to FY17!!!


What is reverse engineering?

In general, reverse engineering is a method of dismantling and disassembling an existing product to analyze its structure, components and technical elements. This method allows us to analyze, investigate, and confirm the technology used in the product, which can be used for the development of new products and other purposes.

WTI’s Reverse Engineering customers include variety of business categories such as automotive, medical, dental, healthcare, and industrial and consumer equipment. In recent years, the following two problems have been common among our customers.

  • If we don’t analyze products of other companies, it will be difficult to develop products.
  • Even though there is no design information left, I have to restore the original data circuit diagram.

As I believe Mr. Yano has previously mentioned in his blog, one feature of case for our Reverse Engineering Plus is that many of customers often contract with us because of WTI’s backbone as a development and design company.

We have received many compliments from customers who have actually used our service, such as “I am very satisfied because I have found out the circuit configuration I wanted to know”.

As a company that possesses both “analysis technology” and “circuit technology”, WTI can provide contract services that do not end with disassembly and analysis, but rather utilize our knowledge and experience as a design/development company. This is a plus factor!

This is why we are regarded by many of our customers as a rare design and development company in Japan that can analyze existing products, developed products, and prototypes to estimate their functions and propose new designs, verification of principles, and other services similar to product design, based on the customer’s needs.

In addition to the above, WTI can offer a wide range of other Reverse Engineering Plus services to meet the various needs of our customers by taking advantage of the fact that we are a design and development company.
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