WTI advertising, part 2! Reverse Engineering Plus

Hello everyone. My name is Yano, and I am the General Manager of the WTI Applied Equipment Design Department 2.

Recently, DM content of reverse engineering was updated. It’s a great deal, so I wanted to tell you it while it was hot, so I decided to introduce it this time!

The title of the service is “Reverse Engineering Plus” !
Reverse engineering refers to a series of approaches from the actual product to creating a schematic. So what is Reverse Engineering Plus?

WTI is a company whose main service is development and design. I don’t notice that I work on a daily basis, but it seems that there is reverse engineering that can be provided because of such WTI!

For example,

  • Survey combining non-destructive / destructive inspection (design rule grasp)
  • Electrical characteristic evaluation, operation principle investigation (patent investigation, etc.)
  • Parts cost survey
  • Proposal and contract for development design from analysis results

It is noticed that there are many cases where customers are relying on the backbone of WTI, which is a development and design company.

It seems that it is easy for customers to ask because it is reverse engineering provided as a development and design company.
I will express it as “Reverse Engineering Plus” as a naming that shows the characteristics of such a service!

Recently, there was the following reverse engineering case.

A customer has requested that we investigate whether there are patent problems in the specific technology area used in the product. The customer had the following assumptions.

  • Should have been adopted for products already on the market
  • It’s been adopted by quite old products, and the patent should have expired.

However, the customer did not actually do the research, but requested to research the products in the market in order to obtain the confirmation.

In order to carry out this survey, in addition to analysis technology and circuit technology, it was necessary to have knowledge of measurement technology and applicable technology (because it is a slightly special technical area).

How is it? Isn’t Reverse Engineering Plus interesting?

Looking at the industry, we can see that inquiries from the automobile-related industry are continuing and that the development of in-vehicle equipment is active. In addition, requests are increasing in the fields of medical equipment and healthcare. In addition, demand for power supplies is increasing for in-vehicle equipment and industrial equipment.

In the face of a chronic engineer shortage, I feel that the needs of Reverse Engineering Plus are increasing as an effective service that improves development efficiency.

I will show you the created DM image. It’s like this!

If you are interested in WTI Reverse Engineering Plus, please feel free to contact us. !


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