What is Reverse Engineering Plus One?

Hello everyone. I am Yano, the manager of WTI Design Section 3.

Today, I would like to tell you about the recent status of reverse engineering (teardown) outsourcing.

The number of inquiries is increasing rapidly at this point, and it’s getting tough!

There are various genres and purposes.

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Inquiries are increasing rapidly! What is reverse engineering that is essential for manufacturing! ?

Recently, I received an unusual request.
It is difficult to describe the product in detail, but there was a request for a product to be heated with a battery.

The following inquiries were received from customers. “Can you also ask us to evaluate the electrical characteristics of the heater together with the reverse engineering?”

  • Purchase the product and disassemble it for evaluation.
  • Environment construction for high-speed and long-term acquisition of data such as current, voltage, temperature, etc., detection circuit production, hardware / software preparation for data acquisition
  • Since the circuit operates by detecting a certain pressure, the environment for applying the pressure required for circuit operation is prepared.
  • Measure the temperature of the local minimum. → Prepare a custom thermocouple.

In parallel with the circuit survey, we would like to evaluate the characteristics.
So that’s it! I thought it would be possible to combine our services.

Among our services are services such as “custom measurement system”.

This time, we decided to respond to requests in the form of “contracted evaluation using custom measurement technology.”
It’s unlikely!

“Reverse engineering plus one”

Do you find it interesting?
Let’s think about naming services again! So I would like to introduce it again next time.

Our purpose is to contribute to the customer’s design and development promotion, and we have a wide range of necessary technical services.

We look forward to serving you in various situations.

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