Bothered by waterproof design? Here is something we introduced to offer you relief!

Hello, everyone. I’m Urase, manager for a technical department.

Today, I would like to talk about our waterproof test equipment introduced recently.

<Outline of waterproof test equipment>

  • IPX5 (Water jets) … C0920-DTIP5N
  • IPX6 (Powerful water jets) … C0920-DTS

The reasons for introducing the waterproofing test system are as follows;

(1) It has become about half of mechanical design orders from our customers require waterproof functions. So it’s necessary to carry out design verification in a timely manner and contribute to shortening our customer’s development period.
(2) There are only a few companies that offer both waterproof tests and waterproof design.

In recent years, I feel the number of products with waterproof function has been expanding, especially in mobile equipment.
One of the most familiar products is a mobile phone (smart phone), and many of the new products currently on the market have a waterproof feature.

We have been receiving an increasing number of mechanical design  requiring waterproof such as;

  • Products always placed outside.
  • Items that are not clear where it is used, such as sensors.
  • Products expected to be used for portable applications such as mobile products and compact measurement equipment.

In terms of test level designation, many of consumer products are for water resistant (IPX4 or lower), while for industrial products, fully waterproof (IPX5 or higher) is becoming common.

As you can see from above, demand for waterproof is increasing rapidly in various products on the market. We believe that the importance of waterproof design will continue to increase in the future.

However, waterproof design is becoming more and more difficult as products become smaller and thinner.
We have many experienced designers who have worked on mobile phones, a typical example of small and thin products. Even for those designers, there are some products that are difficult to design based on their past experience alone, and it becomes more and more inevitable to do waterproof tests.

We are able to provide from designs to tests for variety of cases like; a product that needs waterproof function, a waterproof design for a smaller and thinner product, or a confirmation of waterproof capability as a pre-compliance test before a waterproof tests at a certified body. So, don’t hesitate to contact us for anything you need.

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