Housing design may be a lot of work… but I don’t mind! Anything to help a client. (Part 2)

Hello, everyone. I’m Urase, manager for a technical department.

I’m going to talk about a continuation of my last blog.


We have been involved in case design for a variety of products, like these,

  • Mobile phone (smart phone)
  • Handy terminal
  • Electronic lock for bicycle
  • Color power monitor
  • Power conditioner
  • Automobile interior component
  • RFID tagging equipment
  • Residential gateway remote control equipment
  • Residential Security controller
  • String Monitoring terminal, Waterproof and dustproof acceleration sensor module
  • IP notification terminal

Also, we offer various reliability tests, including the following ones, as well as other tests that are not listed here:

  • Mechanical Environment Tests: Drop / Shock tests, Vibration tests
  • Temperature and Humidity Environment Tests: Temperature cycling tests, Thermal shock tests, Constant temperature and humidity tests
  • Outdoor Environment Tests: Waterproof test, Dustproof test
  • Mechanical Fatigue Tests: Press tests, Keying tests

In recent years, we can see about IoT in a newspaper as a daily basis, and the market for IoT is likely to expand significantly in the future. Since IoT sensors will be installed in a variety of environments, both indoors and outdoors, environmental resistance will become inevitable, including shock, vibration, high temperature, low temperature, water-proof, drip-proof and dust-proof. Also, since IoT sensors are often used in large numbers, you need to keep the price per unit down. We have a feeling we will receive requests a lot about low cost, sturdy, and waterproof and so on.

I think that many companies will be involved in this field though, for manufacturers who are not very familiar with case, it may be a difficult technical field.
In such cases, you’ll need an engineering company that can provide a one-stop shop for design work on case.

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