Housing design may be a lot of work… but I don’t mind! Anything to help a client.

Hello, everyone. I’m Urase, manager for a technical department.
Today, I’d like to talk about a case design that my section is responsible for.

A case is an important part for product protection, so we receive a wide variety of requests from our customers as follows,

“It’s a mobile device, so I want it to be as small as possible.”
“I want it to be sturdy enough not to break if you drop it.”
“It’s a handy terminal so I want it to be as light as possible.”
“This is an IoT product to be used outdoors, so make sure it is waterproof.”
“It’s a product for end users, so make sure it looks cool.”
“I’d like to reduce the unit cost as much as possible timed for design updates in progress.”

All of these requests can be understandable and important, but satisfying them all at the same time is not very easy because each of them comes with trade-offs.

So, it’s important in designing to focus on the items that have particularly high priority, while balancing the other items. This balanced design considering each requirement can be achieved only after many years of experience in designing case for a wide variety of products.

WTI has worked on many products, including some of the most rigorous mobile phones, which allows us to satisfy a wide range of customer requirements.

In a quality-conscious design, we focus on waterproof, dustproof, strength, heat dissipation, and airway design.
If you want an appearance-oriented design, we focus on small, light, thin and short, as well as cool shape, easy to hold and fit.
If cost is the main concern, we first consider reducing the number of parts, improving assembling efficiency, and using low-cost materials.

In addition to a case design, we often receive requests from our customers to do peripheral issues about it as follows,

“I’d like you to conduct reliability tests on the prototype and design improvements if there are any problems.”
“We would like you to examine from an outline of arrangement of parts and unit components.”
“I need your help until the mass production starts up.”

We can meet almost all of the above requests.
In other words, WTI performs the entire process from start to finish, from outline layout to case design, trial production, reliability test, design improvement, and mass production support.


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