What to do if the anechoic chamber is fully booked (EMI measures)

Hello, everyone. I’m Ishikawa, president of WTI.

As the first memorable edition for WTI blog, I would like to introduce our anechoic chamber and EMI solution service. Please enjoy it.

I’ve ever heard a lot of EMI solution concerns from the customers as follows,
“Our own anechoic chamber is always occupied so I cannot use it although in a hurry.”
“A nearby commercial anechoic chamber is also booked up for as many as next two months.”
“My reservation period for the anechoic chamber is over, even though I don’t solve my EMI problems yet. I can’t use it again for three months. What should I do?”
“It would be convenient if I outsource a certified body everything from EMI suppression measures to certification, but it will cost a lot if it takes a long time.”
“I can’t reserve an anechoic chamber for a long term even though there are so many things to deal with EMI problems.”

We thought it would be a good idea to find a solution to these problems and concerns, and decided to install an anechoic chamber in the headquarters of Wave Technology Inc. (WTI).  It’s an extremely heavy investment for a company of our size, but since WTI consistently advocates ourselves as “Just as the design division of your own” for customers, we were determined to take a step forward with all the courage to be better partner for our customers.

With the trend of higher integration of electronic circuits, lower operating voltages and higher operating speeds of semiconductors, regulations on electromagnetic compatibility have been strengthened in recent years. Under these circumstances, more and more manufacturers are having a hard time coping with electromagnetic compatibility because they have to finish noise suppression measures (EMI, EMS*2) in a small space densely filled with electronic parts within the limited development period and cost.

WTI’s anechoic chamber is not a certified one so it cannot be used for certification test, however you can use it for pre-compliance test to perform everything from noise evaluation to suppression measures while anechoic chambers of you or commercial site are full of reservations. This will ensure the probability of certification by a certified body later and significantly shorten the development time.

You can do all the work yourself by renting our anechoic chamber and measurement equipment, or you can have our engineers take care of everything for you. Furthermore, it is better to work on noise suppression at a design stage in parallel, rather than after the design is complete. It can be completed quickly and inexpensively. WTI is a design company, so not only can we provide a one-stop shop for everything from design to noise suppression, but even provide a proxy service to obtain certification on your behalf from a certified body.

One of the features of WTI’s EMI evaluation method is to separate common mode noise and normal mode noise. By doing so, you can take appropriate EMI suppression measures. If you cannot separate them, you will have to take measures against one of them by guessing, or against both of them, which is a waste of money and time.

EMI evaluation service –> https://www.wti-global.com/contents/emi-02.htm

*1 EMI: Electro-Magnetic Interference

*2 EMS: Electro-Magnetic Susceptibility


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