Your own dedicated design company—in Japan.
Wave Technology Inc. (WTI) is an electronic development and design company wholly owned by a Mitsubishi Electric Group company.

WTI enhances your development and design efficiency using our superlative designing skills, especially for semiconductor peripheral circuits and its applied products.

Our clients come from a wide range of industries: electronic components and devices, information and communication equipment, electrical machinery, transportation equipment, and precision equipment.

We also assist universities and national laboratories with their advanced research work.

Our clients often tell us what makes WTI so unique, and it is their kind words and smiling faces that make our work so rewarding.

"We approached so many design houses with our development, design, and measurement projects, but they all told us 'Sorry, our company can't do that.' Thankfully, WTI not only agreed to help... they did a marvelous job. We are thrilled to have finally found the right design company for us."

"WTI has so many different types of technologies and machines... How did you even manage to get all of this?"

"We are amazed WTI has such a wide range of technologies available. Few design companies in Japan can offer this much support."

WTI also accepts research, development, design, and evaluation work from companies and organizations outside Japan.

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